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Migratory Birds

About the Migratory Bird Program

Your support is helping to protect the habitat that migratory birds need to survive.

About the Migratory Bird Program

The Nature Conservancy's Migratory Bird Program helps to ensure that protection efforts appropriately address the special habitat needs of wide-ranging and migratory birds.

Conservation ornithologists and planners work to identify networks of habitats needed by bird species throughout North America, Latin America and the Caribbean. Then, they develop plans and implement strategies to help conserve them at the local level.

Our Bird Projects

Through Conservancy projects, remarkable progress is being made to:

Birds make a difference in all of our lives -- as a measure of our environment's health, a sign of things to come, or as a surprise visitor on a midday hike. We can return the favor and make a difference for birds, too.

How You Can Help Birds

You can help support our migratory birds conservation work and make a difference for the birds and for the environment when you use our safe and secure online donation form.

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