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Migratory Birds

Engage with Birds

Here are some great ideas to get outside and find some stunning birds on your own. Browse below to see where online members like you go to get involved and find beautiful birds for yourself.

Bird watching Hotspots MapBecome a Birder

Are you curious about birding but don’t know how to get involved? Do you have a child who’s interested in birds and wants to learn more?
Become a Birder in 4 Easy Steps »
Bird watch at a Nature Conservancy preserve. Find a preserve near you »
Submit Your Own Favorite Places to Bird »

Flora & Fauna: JaguarShare Your Photos

Visit our online Flickr Community to see the gorgeous bird images from members like you and upload your own favorite bird images.
Share Your Bird Photos via Flickr »
See Bird Photos Submitted by Members »

Field StudiesYour Backyard

Want to help birds at home? You can learn every day ways you can help birds, from building a bird house or bird feeder to buying “bird-friendly” coffee.
Everyday Ways You Can Help Birds »

Red-winged Black BirdTips on Birding in a Habitat Near You

Grasslands: Get tips and tricks for birdwatching in the grasslands from Jeff Walk, director of conservation science in Illinois.

Want to Learn More about Migratory Birds?

The United States is home to a tremendous diversity of native birds, with more than 800 species inhabiting terrestrial, coastal, and ocean habitats. Explore our bird habitat map and learn about some of the rare and threatened species that live in each location.

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Engage with Birds
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