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Migratory Birds

Screensaver Photo Captions and Credits

These stunning nature images are featured in our screensaver, and displayed in order of appearance.

All captions are provided by the photographers, and the photos were submitted to the Conservancy as part of our Digital Photography contests.

Cedar Waxwing, Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA.
Photo © Glen Peterson

Flying Avocets, Jekyll Island, Georgia, USA.
Photo © David Cree

Flamingo, London, Great Britain.
Photo © Mairi Morrison

Royal Terns, Sandbag Island, North Carolina, USA.
Photo © Alex Houston

Spotted Sandpiper
Photo © Paul O’Toole

Tannin Sandpiper, Koeye, British Columbia, Canada.
Photo © Tim Ennis

(not identified)
Photo © David A. McMullen

Common Kestrel, Georgia, USA.
Photo © Carl Fredrickson

Brown Pelican, Indian River Lagoon, Florida, USA.
Photo © Andrea Westmoreland

Pyrrhuloxia, Green Valley, Arizona, USA.
Photo © Larry Selman

Great Blue Heron, Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico, USA.
Photo © Flickr User: Fort Photo

Great Blue Heron, Columbia, Maryland, USA.
Photo © Jon McRay

Indigo Bunting
Photo © Flickr User: nature55

Sandhill Cranes, Brandon, Florida, USA.
Photo © Kathleen Jackson

Nicobar Pigeon
Photo © Flickr User: bmthomas

Western Meadowlark, Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge, North Dakota, USA.
Photo © David Cree

(not identified)
Photo © Martin Howard

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