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What Treasures Can You Find?

A Nature Treasure Hunt for Kids of All Ages

Help your kids connect with nature and put smiles on their faces by going on a Nature Treasure Hunt!

Treasure Hunt

An increasing number of studies say that kids who play outside are happier, healthier and smarter. Help your kids connect with nature and put smiles on their faces by going on a Nature Treasure Hunt!

Do this easy treasure hunt in your own backyard, in a nearby park or at a Nature Conservancy preserve near you…wherever you like to be in the great outdoors! This Nature Treasure Hunt offers two hunts: one for ages 4-7 and another for ages 8-10.

It's also kid-tested and produced with help from David Sobel, author of Wild Play: Parenting Adventures in the Great Outdoors and Susie Spikol, teacher-naturalist at the Harris Center for Conservation Education.

What treasures will your family find in nature?

Download the Nature Treasure Hunt » (PDF, 1.4 mb)

Tell Us: How'd You Do?

Parents, once your family is done with the Nature Treasure Hunt, let us know how it went through the form below. Do you have any tips for fellow family adventurers on where you found items? Did your kids find something surprising or unusual?

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What Others Have Said

Two grandsons and I did this in the backyard. The two different age groups was perfect and they thoroughly enjoyed it.


THIS is called a treasure hunt please i"ll show you a picture of one of them.not really who ever illustrated this site is not what i'm looking for please can you please take this off and put what is really that should be needed for people.I'm like guys please just please do IT RIGHT NOW!!!

We loved the treasure hunt - even the older kids got into it! Found everything on the list and keep looking out for those things on other walks now as well

I started to use this too - love it! Easy and all so all around us

My granddaughter and I are planning a summer full of adventures, treasure hunts, and fairie tea parties in the woods near our home. We are lucky to have swans, owls, deer, and many other animals to spy on. Thanks for the Nature Hunt Ideas!

my kids love treasure hunts it was awesome


thank you!

Grandson (5) and I did the hunt in the woods behind my home. Started out following the list, but got diverted by everything else: rocks, water, nuts, leaf color, bugs, etc. A great excuse to get in the woods and a WONDERFUL hour and a half experience with him.

My niece (age 6) and daughter (7) LOVED it! (and I did, too!)

4th graders
It was a good experience too look in nature. Making my own tool was fantastic to do. Searching for the hunt made it feel fun too." - 4th Grader from Ms. Horbin's class at Paradise Education Center. Thank you Ms. Horbin and Sydney Smith for sharing this with the 4th grade class! looks like they all had a great experience!

"I learned that nature is pretty cool. I can see cool bugs and find cool rocks. I learned also that the Grand Canyon was built by water." - Titus, from Paradise Education Center; Surprise, AZ

"I liked the scavenger hunt because... I liked exploring and discovering my back yard. I especially liked building the fairy house and spying on the bug. The type of bug I spied on was a rolly polly. I found a bird and fed it. I explored and learned that theres more animals to discover than just the ones you think about. I think it was really super fun and exciting." - Payton from Paradise Education Center; Surprise, AZ

" I learned when you spy on an ant it will just walk around. I felt scientific" -Jackson from Paradise Education Center; Surprise, AZ

We did this in our yard this week, and both of my children had a great time! I blogged about it here: Thanks for the resource!

Pumpkin Patch
We had a mommy-son night last night. My four year old son had a lot of fun with this hunt as we explored our backyard. He enjoyed watching the turtles in the pond the most. We also found a broken up turtle nest and a red tail hawk feather. I took pictures as we completed each step and posted the hunt for our family and friends to enjoy! A very fun adventure!

can't seem to download the pdf. is there another url? would like to do this with my granddaughter

The Harvey's Adventure
Ryan and Jake built fairy houses using bark for roofs and moss for the floors. They used magnifying lenses to observe a banana slug. Decaying logs provided a variety of insects to be observed also. Their adventure took place on a nature trail in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains near Nevada City, California.

Nature Jack Marine
I am very excited to have found this on the web search. I will be giving this to inner city children from a day camp in Philadelphia as we wander and explore the trails at The John Heinz Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum Marsh.
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