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What Kind of Legacy Do You Want to Leave?


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“For future generations” has long been the phrase used by conservationists to explain their motivation for protecting the Earth. And it’s true that most people have an innate desire to leave the world a better place for their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.

But in a world full of video games, mobile devices and flat-screen, we can’t just pass a better world to the next generation and hope for the best. They must be inspired to care about the natural world, in the same way something sparked that interest in us.

Watch these videos that explore generational connections and tell us: What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? How do you plan to inspire the next generation of conservationists?


Comments from the Community

katrina mclean-deforestation of the amazon
Hi my name is Katrina Mclean. I am 10 years old and I live in Raliegh North Carolina.The reason why I am writing you this is because I am very concerned of all the the destruction of rainforest all over the world and I am willing to help any way possible. I am working on a project in school about the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and I noticed how big of a problem this is and then I researched some more and found you guys and I called you guys and I was told to email you. I posted some things on my facebook and started to think of ways to solve this problem and I thought that maybe i could talk to someone in brazil and see if they would replace the soil from the dead farms where the trees were and plant new trees and eat less meat so we wouldnt need to cut down more trees for cattle ranches. We also could recycle everything we can and sell furniture instead of taking it to the dump and use front and back of paper also dont use your car as much because oil is under the trees so people get to it by cutting down the trees. People cut down trees for little money when life of natives,plants,animals,and trees are priceless. But the tree cutters may not want to cut down trees but they need money so we need more jobs so we dont need to cut down trees. So theres so many ways we can change the world we just have to be willing to do it. THANK YOU, Katrina Mclean

Ecologically valuable Land to be protected into perpetuity

The inspiration for my family

I want my grandchildren to canoe my northern Minnesta lake and not worry whats in the water. I drank it a child. So should they.

Jerry Lee Mayeux
Please visit my Facebook Wall. Scroll down to: INTRODUCTION CTC123GREEN The Economic Pyramid CTC3 Google search: CTC123GREEN

Patricia Randolph
Nature Conservancy promotes TRAPPING and Hunting on 2/3 of the land it is supposed to be "conserving". I will push for the Nature Conservancy to stop allowing killing our wildlife in the cruellest ways. It is raping out wildlife that the dominant paradigm, wildlife watchers, want in our environment. As a journalist who writes for LIVING wildlife (Madravenspeak column at madison.com) I am out to expose every non-profit in bed with the killers of our commons.

Ken Christgen
By volunteering at the Runge Conservation Nature Center in Jefferson City, MO for over 19 years. Particularly working at the monthly Kids' Club meetings.

I am the last in a family of farmers and bankers. They viewed the land as their core asset, more precious and irreplaceable than the money in their banks. Land was treated responsibly: soil additives were shoveled out of the barn, crops were rotated, and some fields cycled as pasture. It wasn't called conservation back then, but their beliefs fit The Nature Conservancy. When the Dust Bowl and Depression ravaged both the land and the banks. it reinforced their belief that responsible land managenment based on natural cycles was critical to long-term financial stability (and banks were not to finance unsupported speculation). Today the "family farm" is confined to a lot in suburbia, but the Conservancy allows me to continue the family tradition of respect for the land.

Kedarnath Rao Ghorpade
Our rivers and natural water courses are vanishing and few which are left over are detriorating. I am committed to restoring them. I have slogan ' Nadi the Nalla Nalla the Nadi', meaning from river to drain from drain into a river. Need institutional, policy and financial support.

George Peknik, Albuquerque
There is an invasion of the Walmartians going on in Albuquerque open space that is violating the environmental legacy of Aldo Leopold and other local naturalist heroes. I have written this article, which summarizes this battle at: http://www.examiner.com/wellness-in-albuquerque/wal-mart-opposed-by-many-albuquerqueans
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