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Show Your Support for Sustainable Seafood


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The ocean’s bounty may seem inexhaustible, but overharvesting has already pushed many of the world’s fisheries to the brink.  Choosing to consume sustainable seafood is one way to ensure that ocean resources are not exploited.

Do you have a recipe that tastes good and is good for the planet?  Share your sustainable seafood recipes below or find inspiration for your next home-cooked meal.

Learn more about how delicious conservation can be and nature’s role in putting seafood on your table.


Comments from the Community

Big Blue
Two Things: I love the guide to buying seafood put out by the Monteray Bay Aquarium. They give lists of seafood that is OKAY to buy, stuff to avoid, and stuff to never buy (that's how I think of it, but they categorize seafood into GREEN:Best Choices, Yellow:Good alternatives, and RED:Avoid). I am very picky about the seafood I eat, in terms of how happy it is for the Earth. Thing #2: I love all seafood, as long as it is well taken care, not a piece of a HUGE animal, and sustainable: which I think is a fisherman going out to sea, coming back with fish caught with a short line or by trolling, coming home with ALL the fish, and selling them all at market. When all the fish are well caught and taken care of, they are gorgeous and delicious. A chef can snag them up for a restaurant meal, they can be sold at the local market, and when there is enough, can be sold on the greater market. Homebodies with a good recipe or a keen eye for creativity can enjoy any well cared for, safe to eat fish (not a puffer fish in other words). In my case, it's whatever seafood (that's not too big) is right off the boat, cleaned, rinsed in my sink, oiled and spiced, and cooked on the BBQ. THE BEST!!!!! PS. A good thing for newbies to know right away is salmon farmed anywhere 'es NO bueno'. And imported shrimp, es 'muy malo'!!!

Sea-tent i s a healthy food with good taste!!!! Pls try it!!!

Seafood Advocate
About the Cape Ann (Gloucester MA) Fresh Catch CSF... From it's inception in late 2008, it's first delivery in June 2009, and since, the Cape Ann Fresh Catch (CAFC) Community Supported Fishery (CSF) has worked together with our local fishermen along with shore-side operations to deliver the freshest-sustainable seafood available to our members. Members join the program by purchasing a share for a season. Each week during a season, at a designated delivery site, CAFC members pick up their shares of fresh seafood. We’re just like a CSA but with seafood—a CSF. This arrangement benefits local fishermen, the environment, our local economy, and you—CAFC members. Local fishermen are helped by having new, more sustainable, markets for their product. Because the distance travelled and its carbon footprint of putting dinner on your plate is greatly reduced, the environment benefits. By keeping all costs community-based, our local economy prospers. And you—the CAFC member—get the freshest and highest quality seafood available. It's a win-win-win-win for our local fishermen, our environment, our local economy, and you! The Cape Ann Fresh Catch Community Supported Fishery is a program of the Gloucester Fishermans' Wives Association. Without the efforts of the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance; MIT Sea Grant; Turner's Seafood, Ocean Crest Seafood, the Cape Ann fishermen and their crews; the staff and volunteers of the CAFC; and last, but most importantly, you—the CAFC CSF members, none of this could have been possible. Brought to you by the Gloucester Fishermens' Wives Association.

Pancetta Salmon Kebabs with Parsley Vinaigrette is fantastic recipe that's healthy for people and the earth.

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