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Comments from the Community

Charity Heart Bayani
I love planting seeds on the ground and watch them grow each day... I'm a nurse but i love gardening more.. i wanted to take BS BIOLOGY but what can I do ain't got no choice.. hehe so as much as possible i do gardening at my home using a small lot at the back of our house..

Crispin Swedi Bilombele
Les plantes, animaux, et microorganismes de la planète, qui interagissent entre eux et avec l'environnement physique au sein des écosystèmes sont à la base du développement durable. cette profusion de ressources biotiques soutient les moyens d'existence et les aspirations de l'homme et lui permet de s'adapter aux variations de ses besoins et de l'environnement. Mr. Crispin Swedi Bilombele Volunteer, executive coordinator ANFD, non-profit NGO E-mail:

Altagracia Grullon
When was young I use to tell my mother I am going to grow up to be a scientist! But I wanted to be scientist to help the Earth. I remember so vivid when my science teacher use to talk about the "hole in the ozone layer". sO many things use to go thru my curious child mind. Today as an adult and appreciation to mother earth and thanks to my science teacher of PS19Q for sharing his knowledge and opening my mind to being curious about earth am proud to say that I got accepted to Maritime College! And I will be majoring in Marine Environmental Science and I hope to contribute great changes to Mother Earth before is too late!!

When a one year old child sitting on a mud ground with little water in a glass.Very next he/she will pore some water in clothes and some amount on ground too.When he/she touches the ground some mud may make his hand, mouth, clothes and even glass dirty.Whose over will see this child may get anoid and stop too. We all will try to stop the child with little shouting. What- Who can stop this matured men or women who splits waste here and there or throw wastes on some empty places with the proud.That they removes waste from house and disposed off.Even we all use to dispose off (sevage line's) and home used dirty water in river even in sea. When high tide in sea or in bad weather sea will throw back to us.

Jewel Barbier
Hi I am new here too. I have loved watching documentaries about Nature, Animals, Science, Oceans, well all of it. I just love learning about it all. I am a huge animal lover and activist and to be perfectly honest with you I think animals are much better than most people. We as humans need to protect this world and all of its inhabitants. Not murder them for sport, kill them with pollution etc. The world really needs us to "STOP, LOOK and LISTEN" to what we are doing to it. Watching and listening to the Conservationist like you helps all of us treat the world a little better. I love you guys and keep up the excellent work. It is a pleasure to be a part of you.

Suzanne Horn
I Absolutly love Nature also! I just wish sometimes that I can do more to protect Nature! If we could elimante TRASH, that would be awsome!

kerryn byfield
HI I LOVE THE ANIMALS OF THE WORLD. NATURE IN ITS UNPOISONED FORM. WATER & SOILS SHOULD HAVE ALWAYS BEEN PROTECTED. you are lucky if you live in places where it has not been effected as much as others

Christopher Provost
When I was young, I was always fascinated with nature and the outdoors (still am, actually). Somebody gave me a subscription to Ranger Rick, and that's where I was introduced to the idea of conservation. I became a self-professed environmentalist and never looked back. Eventually, I became a scientist and now I'm fortunate enough to work for a company that shares the same environmental philosophy.

I can remeber how much I loved being outdoors at night in early summer running around in what didn't seem like complete dark to us, trying to catch fireflies. Then one day a garter snake was molting in the backyard and we had to stay away from it for the afternoon. I was so in awe and learned respect for nature that afternoon.

I Really enjoy the out doors , I Love all wildlife .
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