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Monday, 12 September 2011

Simple Flushing

To save water...put a large plastic bottle full of water, (close the lid of the bottle) in the toilet cistern; this will cut down on the consumption of water used when flushing by about a litre.

Mrs Anne Douglas

Comments from the Community

I grew up in a region that frequently had drought, and we used the "if it's yellow let it mellow rule" in the privacy of our home. Of course, we didn't if we had guests. It's hard to let go of that habit, so I still "let it mellow". It's not for everyone. We also use single ply toilet paper, which doesn't clog the drain and saves paper.

Uses less water per flush, but requires 3 flushes. Saves water? Not hardly. If you really want to save water, pour into the bowl the water from a full 10 quart bucket, holding back about 2 quarts until the drain just approaches the sucking stage, then pour in the remaining H2O. Works every time. If this is too troublesome, install a pressure flush toilet to save even more.

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