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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Start a Nature Journal

Start a nature journal - to write down your observations for what plants or animals are coming out or back to your area...such as birds...what plants are budding out or what trees leaf out first. Maybe you would like to learn to sketch out some of your observations.

Dr. Tom Howick
Roswell, Georgia

Comments from the Community

I think its great when people share their experiences and ideas about nature. Particularly Ive been to so many diferent places and Ive seen nature in so many diferent ways and I can assure that when you love something so much u will always have a nice story to tell even if its a little one will be exciting because you lived through it :D very happy to be part of the nature lovers community!!!!

You only live once!!!!

My backyard is huge so I often take walks around the property. It is sad to see all the dead plants because it has been so dry. even so It is pretty.

I love walking in my back yard and seeing all the plants and animals there

Tim Upham
It is August 16, 2012, and the tree swallows are fattening up on mosquitos now. They need to do so, for their long flight from Washington State where they are now, down to Mexico.

I have bird feeders all over my small property and enjoy the feathered friends coming to get some treats and fresh water. The most recent to pass through are among my favorites--the tiny and wonderful bushtits. They come in by the dozens and cover the suet, seed log and peanut nuggets I hang on one of feeder areas. They are so tiny and so ravenous that I am always totally entertained when they come through.

I have a house on the edge of a watershed conservancy area, with pine woods to the west, a large pond to the south, and a birch and oak stand to the north, all right next to my gardens and lawns. I've always kept a "life list" of birds but now am keeping an observation list of all the wildlife and the plants and trees so that I can provide a regular report to the conservancy, which is a community organization that depends on its member-volunteers. I'm turning my life-long obsession with observing nature into information that will help the conservancy manage its land and water.

i love nature

Man cannot live alone in this planet.The best gift Man can give to his next generation is nothing but preserved nature.

I Love Nature! I watched a nest of eggs grow into beautiful birds on my porch
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