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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Tech-free for a Day

Don't check your emails more than once a day. Only turn on your computer when you need to. Plan your computer use ahead of time so that you can save your self time and not be a slave to technology. This will also save energy too of course.

What would you do if you were tech-free for a day?


James Byrne

Comments from the Community

I walk my border collie and take lessons from him -- dog enjoying the miraculous!

Stand in the unemployment line. I work from home via internet/VPN, which saves money (& saves the environment) because I do no have to commute to and from work any longer. :)

Lol...Not a problem for me to be tech-free for a day....much rather be outdoors enjoyin' the lovely weather! I especially enjoy watching the birds and squirrels eating and frolicking around the various feeders and bird baths in my yard! I absolutely adore the crows!! When i'm indoors, i enjoy showering my two parakeets, Frank & Gert with tons of love and affection!!

I do have a computer with no internet so I either read,sleep or listen to music or go out on a nature walk around my city.

Bette Simons
I leave the frustration of ATT. and go outside and rake up leaves and water the compost, listen to the birds here.

nature nut
I could go for weeks without a computer and have done so.Us people of today put to much in computer and should do thing the old ways lol

This is probably going to sound treasonous, but I cave in sometimes and take a plane trip to visit grandkids and attend a Peace Corps reunion. To compensate, I donate to Nature Conservancy since it is the only conservation group that buys land to make up for what is lost.

How many of you turned off all the lights and the computer for one hour last night, when it zas the Earth Hour?I went for a walk with my dog..leting the Earth breath a little

I like to see Ocean's are Blue and Forest are Green forever. Never with polluted water and air. I need fresh air forever.I love nature.

I would read more literature to my daughter, do more chores, & do more beadwork with a tech-free day.
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