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"Over five continents and dozens of countries I still fall back under the spell of a beguiling world unfettered by humans."
-Caroline Mauldin, Conservancy Donor

Why do you support conservation efforts at home and abroad? Who inspired you to make your first gift, and how do you inspire others?

Tell Us Why You Give

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Comments from the Community

Arthur Peacock
I have lived in the Sierra foothills for more than 40 years next to a creek outside of Jackson. I have yet to get tired of the view. The drive on 88 over the Carson Pass after the first snow fall is indescribable. I don't fish or hunt just thank my lucky stars I stumbled upon Amador county all those years ago,and I was once a world traveler so I can and have made comparisons Keep up the good work Arthur

Carla Meixner
Nags Head Woods Ecological Preserve is a beautiful example of the Nature Convervancy in action.

Ashley Simpson
Rhode Island
It wasn't until this year that I started having questions concerning what animals were reported extinct for 2014. It was my new year resolution I guess to find out & change my lifestyle based on what I would find. I was wondering, because I wanted to know what those animals thrived on & where they lived. I thought if I could see what animals were becoming extinct I could see what things they thrived on that the human species wouldn't have (for ex: oils, certain foods from contaminated soils, natural resources we won't have - which I think can be done with out due to their damages) & also see if it's something I could change. I feel the more I question & start finding answers there's a lot of other people doing the same. It's nice to see what others have found & what they've done in an attempt to inform others & I will support that. Knowledge is kind've like the giving tree, that just keeps giving = )

Eugenia Marcus
Newton, Massachusetts
Our son is a wildlife biologist and just got a job working for the Nature Conservancy in North Carolina. The Nature Conservancy has always been on our list. But now we will step up our contributions.

Vincent verweij
Washington, DC
Nature is essential. Not only does it inspire us and regenerate our trust in life, but it serves as the lungs and heart of our planet. It is not a luxury to set aside nature, and we need these functions as much as we do highways or places to live in. I grew up in Holland, a place so devoid of original nature that I fell absolutely in love when I moved to the United States. What we still have here in forests and vast areas of natural land is breathtaking. To prevent our land from degrading to the empty plains of most of Northwestern Europe, we have to protect it from development and exploitation, and look forward to what our future demands of us.

Nancy Freedland
Big Bear City, CA
Nature is invigorating. Whenever I'm outdoors I see something beautiful and, often, something exciting. Deer nibbling on a tree, humming birds hanging on an electrical wire, mountain lions sitting on a rock watching traffic on a highway. I live right next to a forest and I love it. I get to hear nature all the time.

Bob Little Tree
White River Junction, Vermont
I am a Traditional Pootatuck(Band) Paugussett(Nation). We Native Americans are raised by our Elders to see our selves as 1 part of the whole Natural World and as such we are responsible to do what we can to take care of it. That is why I'm a Metenu, Medelinu, Master Gardener and Vermont Forest Pest First Detector. You mentioned mating courtships. Many years ago I choreographed an 8 minute Duet(male & female) based on the courtships of birds. It is called "Birds of A Feather". Wanisi, Little Tree

Bob Breving
When I was nine or ten I used to wonder in near by woods, pick and eat blackberries, play in the creek and find peace of mind walking the trails near my house

Joe Watson
Martinez, California
I couldn't stand at the sidelines while wildlife and the environment were getting beat up. Maybe because my childhood was so tough. Maybe because I have a nurturing personality. Whatever, I just couldn't watch and do nothing. So, I set aside a monthly donation 40 years ago and kept on giving. I came to the realization 25 years ago that money was not enough and I joined the Habitat Restoration Team of The Nature Conservancy and never looked back. The Conservancy makes me feel like I'm part of the Planet. I'm not just along for the ride, I'm making it happen. I'm helping the underdog and I love it. Its very satisfying work. Well worth the effort.

geoffrey gluckman
Nature offers a simple way to reconnect with essential essence that permeates everything--oneness with nature, as I am nature. Such a beautiful gift:-)
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