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"Over five continents and dozens of countries I still fall back under the spell of a beguiling world unfettered by humans."
-Caroline Mauldin, Conservancy Donor

Why do you support conservation efforts at home and abroad? Who inspired you to make your first gift, and how do you inspire others?

Tell Us Why You Give

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Comments from the Community

Robert Braciszewski
Dos Vientos/California
My Father was called the ORIGINAL NATURE BOY IN SLOAN NEW YORK. He was an amazing gift from God and when he went to meet God the entire Sloan, NY People came and paid their respects. He would not hurt any of Gods Creatures and we raised many. Frank Braciszewski was a Man of Men and God bless him.

Daniel Colombo
San Gwann
I feel the need to give something back to Mother Earth to what it has already given us. Also we have an obligation to future generations, to give them an opportunity to enjoy wildlife as we found it.

Diogo Freire
San Francisco
I am proudly making this gift on behalf of the Adaptation Now community. We are making a documentary film on climate change and as part of our fundraising campaign we promised we would support this extremely important project. We hope to do so again!

Bryan eech
I gave a donation because I was not doing anything to assist conservation efforts, and, finding this site, I felt guilty at my laxity. When I was younger, one of my ways o really relaxing, was to spend long weekends, bushwalking in the high country of my state, Victoria, in Australia. To share, with a friend or two, the, almost, untouched grandeur of this region, was truly wonderful. To think that such regions around the world, are progressively being savaged by society, and by the effects of global climate change, is upsetting. Here, I was presented with an opportunity to help, no matter how small was my donation, I one world-wide effort to preserve the pristine, untouched ,places on our planet. So, I made a donation. And now I am looking at how I may help further, even though I am on a limited budget.

Diane H. Steinberg
My love of wild animals who need open space to thrive has inspired me to give. Wild animals have no defense when greedy humans encroach upon their territory, so they need strong, positive human support from wonderful organizations like the Nature Conservancy. My spiritual connection to nature also inspires me to protect wild places so that future generations will be able to experience its awesome beauty.

Katie Morrison
i love nature

Lucy Agins
Southern California
I have seen The Appalachians and would like future generations to be able to experience the region as well. The area is just awesome!

Bradford Hastreiter
Growing up in the majestic forest and lakes region of Northern Wisconsin in a family that eats, driinks, breathes, and sleeps Nature I have only the greatest love and respect for Gaia. As we watch the rapid dissolution of the integrity of the planet, it is Organizations like the Nature Conservancy that provide some of the best methods and visions for lessening an inevitable crippling of the global ecology. My next step is to begin creating artwork that will draw attention to endangered flora, fauna, and ecosystems. I plan on using most of the money to support further actions by Nature Conservancy.

Gary Loew
Scotch Plains, NJ
I consider myself an ardent conservationist. But I recognize that we live in a complex world with competing agendas, many of which I don’t agree with, but which still have legitimacy. Conservation advocates cannot succeed by always and only saying “no” to development. We must have something positive to offer as a practical alternative. I don’t want strictly naysayers to advocate for conservationism. And I cannot rely upon the government to effectively advocate for the conservation causes in which I believe. I appreciate the philosophy that says, if we don’t want an area developed or despoiled, we should buy it and safely preserve it. It is our responsibility as individuals to act collectively to secure the earth’s future. That’s why I've joined the Nature Conservancy.

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