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"Over five continents and dozens of countries I still fall back under the spell of a beguiling world unfettered by humans."
-Caroline Mauldin, Conservancy Donor

Why do you support conservation efforts at home and abroad? Who inspired you to make your first gift, and how do you inspire others?

Tell Us Why You Give

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Comments from the Community

Ben Gibbs
Atlanta, GA USA
I just adopted an acre of Appalachian forest conservation today for my father, Col. James Gibbs, on his 69th birthday!! Even if I had been able to pick any man to be my father, I wouldn't want to. I really won big with the parental lottery, and I'm very thankful to be so blessed! Happy birthday! I love you, dad! May this year be a great one! Love, Ben

Scotty Day
I was inspired due to all the wasted water from this fad, the Ice Bucket challenge. Every person I know has used fresh water instead of recycled. Instead of wasting our most precious resource, we should be conserving it.

Katie Paffhouse
There is always hope and there is greater hope when giving to Scientists and people of action. Nature Conservancy is the effective, diplomatic and wise green group. The world needs them.

Odessa Duong
Virginia Beach
There's only one Earth, take care of her.

Will Richardson
Medford, Oregon
I'm 74 years old and love our Earth. I've travelled all over the US and several other countries and love to support Nature Conservancy because it does what it says and supports Mother Earth and our ecology. thanks for all You Are.

Laura Isensee
Houston, TX
I donate to the Nature Conservancy and some other nonprofit organizations which share the goals of the Nature Conservancy. Our beautiful planet is our one and only home. I want to protect it because I love it and I want human beings to be able to continue to live on Earth. If we don't change our (human) ways, we may well damage Earth so much that it can no longer support human life. How unintelligent, unnecessary, and tragic this would be!!

Karen Davenport
Decatur, Georgia
The 2014 Service Project for The Spirit and Truth 2nd to 4th Grade Sunday School Class was to raise money for animals. The children decided to have a bake sale to raise money. They wrote letters to their parents asking for contributions, They made signs advertising the event and they sold the items collected after church. Every week we discuss some way that we can be God's hands and feet on this earth

Garden Grove California
Along with my grandson, I've spent a fair amount of time hiking, biking, hiking, exploring, hiking, and camping in this beautiful country of ours - did I mention hiking? Anyway, it just seems fair to do what little I can to help preserve that which was left to each of us - you and me!! I'm 68 years old now; and my health isn't what it used to be; therefore, I can't get out and do some of the things I used to do. BUT - I can still write check!!! Donnalee Pickrel, Donor

Steve Maurer
Because I saw a hummingbird in our backyard in South Philadelphia yesterday. I have NEVER seen a hummingbird in the city before. This happened because a few neighbors have gardened together and are making the area friendlier to these winged visitors.

Susan Oris
My Father started it. He loved nature, and nurtured it as best he could. He chose to donate to the Nature Conservancy. As an adult, I had to make a choice among many deserving charities, and choose the Conservancy also. I feel that conserving the balance of nature will best serve humanity. y
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