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"Over five continents and dozens of countries I still fall back under the spell of a beguiling world unfettered by humans."
-Caroline Mauldin, Conservancy Donor

Why do you support conservation efforts at home and abroad? Who inspired you to make your first gift, and how do you inspire others?

Tell Us Why You Give

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Comments from the Community

Diana Choi
Seattle, WA
I started donating because I travel very frequently to Asia for work. I fly across the globe every two weeks or so and I figured this would be a way to help alleviate that burden. Thank you for your hard work!

Janet Carey
We donated to honor my beloved stepbrother, Brett Strawbridge Ph.D. 1954-2015. Brett was a sportsman and outdoors-man. You can see Brett’s love of the wilderness in his article about climbing Mt. Whitney. I read it soon after he died, and I felt as if I were climbing with Brett. “Up here the air is clear and almost free of dust. And it's cold. As I breathe in the July air, it chills the inside of my nose as it rushes down into my glad lungs. This is air as the body was made to have it! The vision of the still lake across the canyon bottom is a wonder. The reflection of the peaks in it is so clear that the image is mirror perfect.” Read the full account of Brett’s hike here -

Carol Swayze
There is a saying I love that inspires me: "The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man". (author unknown) One does not find peace and serenity in the middle of a shopping mall. If I had the financial means to buy up all the vacant land from developers, I would so I do what I can to help by making donations.

Valerie Myers
Austin, TX
Nature sustains all life. As the numbers of humans have increased, other species, natural resources and the delicate dynamics of ecosystems have declined. The only humane way to stop the pollution and damage is for humans to limit themselves to one child per couple for two generations therefore, cutting the human species by 3/4th in 50 or so years. Without responsible procreation, nature will continue to decline and the humane species will descend into the usual means of curtailing overpopulation; war, famine and disease.

Subhajit Shome CMA MA ECON
It answers the calling of my soul!!

Michele Reeves
Gold Bar
I believe it's our responsibility to protect, conserve and preserve all remaining aspects of Nature, that man hasn't left a footprint on, is completely obliterating or will obliterate in the future. It's easy to eliminate that which cannot or hasn't the ability to defend itself against the never ending ravages of man. I have great respect for all nature and take whatever action necessary to protect and preserve the land, major creek and animals I share a living space with. I also experience the ignorance and complete disrespect of surrounding neighbors who don't think twice before damaging the same area, scaring all wildlife away and their nesting areas, that I'm desperately trying to protect from their loud 3-wheelers tearing up the horse pastures and ripping out the creek edge growth (where the wood duck habitat used to be) to make a beach for their enjoyment. I did stop the beach plan but the damage ruined the integrity of the creek and its natural flow thereby causing major flooding in the pastures on a regular basis. I wish importance would be put on, the out of control, human population growth which, ultimately, causes endless land and wildlife destruction to accommodate more people who require more natural resources, etc. I can't help but think of us turning into a "Soilent Green" Nation. The Nature Conservancy educates people and gives me encouragement that others will realize the importance of keeping nature alive. I can't imagine living on a planet with nothing wild and natural to see anymore. Nature is what makes this planet beautiful. I can't think of anyone who hasn't mentioned a beautiful wild animal encounter or driving through a lush green territory or the stillness of a desert. People will miss them when they're gone and wish they hadn't taken all this beauty for granted. Right now I'm headed to the creek, with my camera, to watch the fish and listen to the birds. It relaxes me.

Menno Veen
The Netherlands
We are a wooden watch company from The Netherlands and for every sold watch we plant a new tree using Plant A Billion Trees. It would be nice if there would be a certificate for companies like mine so we can easily proof that we do what we promise. Is this possible?

Diego Rubio
Floral Park
I am working for the Nature conservancy but if you guys are helping in Colombia I would like the money go there

Joseph Smith
Newark, OH
Why I don't give over and above my membership - because TNC would use those funds to pay professional solicitors.

Arthur Peacock
I have lived in the Sierra foothills for more than 40 years next to a creek outside of Jackson. I have yet to get tired of the view. The drive on 88 over the Carson Pass after the first snow fall is indescribable. I don't fish or hunt just thank my lucky stars I stumbled upon Amador county all those years ago,and I was once a world traveler so I can and have made comparisons Keep up the good work Arthur
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