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"Over five continents and dozens of countries I still fall back under the spell of a beguiling world unfettered by humans."
-Caroline Mauldin, Conservancy Donor

Why do you support conservation efforts at home and abroad? Who inspired you to make your first gift, and how do you inspire others?

Tell Us Why You Give

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Comments from the Community

Bonnie Freeland
St. Louis, MO
I tried for several minutes to find out how to donate IN HONOR of my grandsons, Matt, Andy and Nick. I am so disappointed that you do not have a place for that. THIS donation is in honor of them. I would have loved you to let them know by letter that this was done, but, again, you have no way to do this. Thank you.

Pol McShane
I write a YA series called Serpenteens that follows five demigod teenagers with weather manipulating abilities, out to help save the planet! My hope is that the series brings to light the trouble the planet is in, and what people can do to help.

Judith VanDeven
Alpena, MI, USA
We believe in protecting our environment. Upon moving to northern Michigan we have worked to provide a "chemical" free zone on our 2 acres of land by providing natural habitat and food for the birds in our area. We garden, compost, and recycle. We have also planted many trees, primarily spruces and cedars, around our property to provide protection, nesting areas and natural foods for our avian visitors. We are also very pleased that the Nature Conservancy has protected a large tract of land in the Squaw Bay area, just south of Alpena! Thank you!

Alan Cross
Chevy Chase/Maryland
I was making a donation to the Michigan Nature Conservancy in memory of Lois Lance who died recently. However, there was no opportunity to indicate this. As the family has requested donations to be made to you, it is unfortunate that your website does not allow for donors to state why they are donating. If possible, please send an acknowledgement of this donation to her son: William Lance, 54 Old Connecticut Path, Wayland, MA 01778. Thank you.

Rich Piercefield
Stockton, CA
Because ALL of nature is GOD's Handy work and it is often Breathtaking and Majestic, at other time simple and ordinary yet just as beautiful. It must be preserved!!!!!

Julie Kinder
Oakland, CA
I have previously been a member of the Conservancy, but became exasperated by all the paper mail and email that inundated me. So I dropped my membership and got off your mailing lists. I am back, because I do respect the work you do, and I want to support it. So PLEASE do not chase me away again, with mountains of paper (DO NOT MAIL ME ANYTHING on paper) and floods of email. A link to your monthly publication and an annual reminder to renew my membership will be quite enough to keep me engaged, and encourage me to donate a little more to specific endeavors. Is that a deal?

Colin McRae
Albert Bridge
The main reason for this cause is my undying love for nature and all of God's creation. About 18 years ago, I began sport fishing. 10 years later, I became a 'fly fisher only', learning the art of attracting fish to an artificial fly, tied by myself. This was the beginning of a very influential stage of my life, where fish species-- particularly those native to my provincial waters of Nova Scotia-- such as Atlantic Salmon, and Speckled Trout, would become my passion to both learn, study, and protect. I am now a very avid angler, thriving to someday become a guide and keep all anglers of all ethnicities respectful of a very delicate and precious resource. The heart of this resource is their environment, being lakes and waterways, brooks and rivers. These environments, along with their species, must be protected at all costs.

Nicole DiIenno
I believe that at the heart of everything we hold near and dear is our planet. For many humans, their habitat is not even a second thought. However, if we do not contribute to the preservation of our planet and education concerning its health, we will cease to exist as we know it. Nature conservation is the most fundamental and critical act to save humans and the diversity of many species alike. The earth existed long before humans, but since our arrival, it may not exist as long as we thought. We are one species that has evolved with the ability to ignore our biological instincts to conserve our surroundings. We can change that, and promote the well-being of our ecosystem and of every species living in it.

Catherine Regan

I am making this donation in memory of Martha Runkle. I don't see anywhere on your website where I can indicate this and have a message sent to her surviving daughter. If there is a way, please let me know. Thank you for caring for life on our beautiful planet.

Ben Gibbs
Atlanta, GA USA
I just adopted an acre of Appalachian forest conservation today for my father, Col. James Gibbs, on his 69th birthday!! Even if I had been able to pick any man to be my father, I wouldn't want to. I really won big with the parental lottery, and I'm very thankful to be so blessed! Happy birthday! I love you, dad! May this year be a great one! Love, Ben
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